How To Open A Car, If Car Keys Are Left Inside?

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There's nothing more annoying than locking your keys in the car, particularly when you're in a rush. Don't worry! Instead of calling roadside assistance, or the Car Lockout Services in Aurora, There are still a few DIY solutions that will assist you in unlocking the door of your car.
Some may think that these tricks are absurd, however, they are effective. Different vehicles have different constructions and the more advanced the vehicle is more difficult to enter with automated lock and safety systems.

But, there is no reason to be afraid, and let's begin with the first step.

1. Prepare A Spare Key

If you're often unfocused and you lock your key in your vehicle, make a spare key and store it somewhere only you are aware of. The best places to store the spare key are inside your wallet or purse or on your vehicle (but not in the car's door) or on the underside of any item inside your backyard. It can also work with the key to your house as it is not anyone else but your family members who know that it exists or else you'll give everything to charity.

2. Make Use Of Your Shoelace

It sounds fantastic, but what you require is merely the shoelace. First, remove the lace from your shoes (another kind of string would be suitable too). Then, you'll be required to tie a small loop around it. You will be in a position to tighten by pulling at the top of your shoelace.
Then, you must hold the other length of string with each hand, then slide it into the corner of the car door. Repeat the motion back and forth until the knot slides over the knob. Then, pull the lace until it tightens, and then pull it up to open the door.
However, this technique won't be effective on cars with locks at the bottom that the door. However, if your vehicle features a knob high on the doors, then you have a shot.


3. Utilize A Wooden Wedge The Rod, Air Wedge, and The Rod

You could also make use of an air wedge, a wood wedge, and a rod to open your car when the top of the car is opening more. The first step is to take the wedge from the wood and then slide it into the tiny hole in the top of the car. (If you don't wish for the wedge to cause damage to your vehicle you can put a piece of plastic in the hole to protect the wedge).
Then, grab an air wedge, and place it next to the wedge of wood. To create more space between your vehicle and the doorway, inject air into the wedge. Then, you can change the location of the wedge until you reach a substantial gap. Then move the rod through the gap, and then unlock the door. Watch the video below for details:

4. Make Use Of One Strip Of Plastic

In the event that your locking device on your car is located on the top, instead of using shoelaces, you can make use of a plastic strip. Of course, you'll have to open the door as wide as you can with no air wedge.
This video could be helpful to you.

5. Use A Coat Hanger

Another way of unlocking the car door is to use the modified coat hanger (or the slim jam). This method is ideal for locking doors with a manual lock typically found on older models of cars.

Step 1

Dismantle the coat hanger using the help of pliers until you have one side that is straight and one with a hook. Then, you can use it to lift the control arm in the door.

Step 2

Slide the hanger through the gap between the weather stripping as well as the window of your car to ensure that the hanger is within 3 centimeters from the point of intersection between the car window and the doorway to the car. The exact location of the hanger is exactly where the arms control typically is (you must confirm the exact place before you slide the hanger).

Step 3

Turn the hook face to the inside, and then fish to the control arm by turning the hanger. This is the most difficult part since it's difficult to locate and fish around. When you're locked inside then pull the car door up. the door of your car will open.
You can also learn how to utilize the coat hanger for unlocking doors to your vehicle here.


6. Use The Windshield Wiper

It's much easier to take off the windshield wiper. Just different models use different techniques. Whatever kind of vehicle you own the same, this method will work.
Check that your window is partially open since you will need to move the wiper into the front of your car before guiding it into the tiny cracks in your window. It will assist you both to hold the key in the chair and press the unlock button located on the door's side.
Not just the windshield wiper, but everything that is long enough to pass through the window can be used.

7. Use The Hail Mary (Also Known As The Tennis Ball)

It is among the coolest methods to unlock doors to cars, all you require is a tennis ball. To begin creating an opening into the ball use a heated screwdriver or electric drill. After you've prepared the ball put it in the hole over the keyhole, and begin pushing. The secret is that the force created by the ball will cause the car to unlock.
Even with this amazing technique, Toronto Locksmith has lots of debates over whether this approach actually works. Numerous people have tried it and some were happy while others are disappointed.


In the end, these seven tips are very useful when you have to access your vehicle at the drop of a hat, or you need to open the door on your own. If you are unable to try one method, you don't need to fret you can contact the car service person who will be there right away to assist you.
I hope that you find this information interesting. do not hesitate to suggest other methods to unlock the vehicle without the key, if you have one.

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